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Five Years of Ms. Infinity: Earth's Greatest Hero

Five years ago today, the book that was possessing me, the story that seemingly forced me to write it, finally got it's way once and for all. Bonnie Boring/Ms. Infinity, the character who went from a strange idea I thought about but never talked about to the obsessive project that wouldn't leave me alone, was finally set free.

The world has... barely noticed. But my life has never been the same. Bonnie now lives with me, more even than she did before. She's a comfort, but also an unrelenting wiseass, a flight of fancy, but also a slap in the face from someone who will tell me exactly what she thinks without a second's hesitation.

This is also the book that I have the greatest attachment to. Without a doubt, my skills as a writer have grown. Where Infinity Begins and Infinite Moon both show better craftsmanship. But Earth's Greatest Hero is the most personal statement.

This is Ms. Infinity with a vengeance. This book is the one that abandons all caution just like Ms. Infinity herself when Misery gets her mad. This is Bonnie accidentally transforming into Ms. Infinity right in front of Hal Holstein, then thinking "What the hell!" and bringing him along on an interstellar journey in her impossible Starship Infinity. This is where she displays powers so broad and varied that it seems like anything might happen.

And yet it also finds restraint, in Bonnie's flaws and her vulnerability, and in her Earthbound life and the subplot at her retail job staring her bestie Lisa Lin.

Writing this book was a ride, an experience like no other. I hope that reading it will bring the same excitement I experienced in writing it.

New Ms. Infinity book coming soon: Infinite Moon

I can now report that I have been hard at work at the third Ms. Infinity book, titled Infinite Moon. I expect to have it out in the summer. The newest addition to Ms. Infinity's rogues gallery is a werewolf named Ellen Wahia. Expect to hear more about it in the weeks to come!

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